Friday, April 22, 2011

Another beautiful Day...

We did get some storms through here yesterday, leading me to turn off the computer all afternoon.. Supposed to lather, rinse, repeat today. And tomorrow... and the next day... and so on until next Wednesday.

I took a nice nap. I don't know that I could of helped myself... the nap snuck up on me and the next thing I knew, a tremendous "KABOOM!" of thunder awakened me.

Today is Tommy's TWENTY-FIRST BIRTHDAY! Here is a link to his birth story, if you haven't read it before or want to read it again.
Happy Birthday, Tommy. I am so proud of you. I love how much you love the Lord, and your desire to serve Him first. May you be blessed all the days of your life!

Tommy's "real" name is Stephen Thomas. Stephen means "crown". The day after his birth certificate was signed, Tom decided he didn't care for the name Stephen as much as he did "Elijah". So we went back to the birth registrar and asked to change his name. Since it had already been filed in OKC, we were told it would take a lawyer, a court order, and $300+ dollars. Money was reallllly tight then... so we settled for calling him by his middle name. The last few years, it hasn't seemed to matter WHAT we named him... he has gained a collection of names from various sources. I can't keep track of them all!
For his birthday, I sent him a spotlight, and a small tool kit.
Whoa! I can't believe what just happened.

Samuel just gathered and started a load of laundry. Without me telling him to!  There must be something going on around here.
Sam is the worst one for failing to do his daily chores without being told .... and told.... and told. And then he forgets essentials like STARTING the dryer after putting clothes into it. Or starting the dishwasher after loading it.

And he just put on a load of clothes to wash. With detergent in them. and the lid down so they will actually wash.

Who is this young man and what has he done with my son?

Work has hired a new guy. He was a regular customer, so I already knew him by name... and has apparently worked several days before I figured out he isn't just hanging around. So my "every other Saturday" being an all day shift is over. Hooray!

That's all I can think of for now.

Stay tuned to learn what Bill Joe gets for his 30th birthday, next Friday. He has a very mean Mom you know, and brothers who have her same sense of humor.

Be blessed, and hug someone you love!

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