Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun In Texas

I have been at my Mom's house the last couple of days. We have hit a lot of thrift shops and garage sales, hung out, had Haltom City Chinese!
My voice is Ok while I am indoors, but disappears shortly after heading outside. I looked back over my blogs to previous mentions of being speechless, and seen a pattern. The time of the tear is usually mid to late March or early April! Just when the trees are all blooming and there is a lot of pollen in the air. It isn't like the miserable sneezy ragweed in the late summer, so I really hadn't associated it with allergies.
The weather here has been WOW! Leaving Arkansas in a cold 40* rain, landing in 75* sunshine... and having it get into the mid 80*s. Like a different planet.
My standby flights for tomorrow's return home have all filled up... so I postponed my departure to Tuesday. Tomorrow, we are going to make a day trip to west Texas to see three of my kids and a couple of grandbabies!
In all the garage saling and thrift shopping, we found several little baby outfits and a maternity top... I just didn't think to bring the kids boots down with me, as the West Texas trip wasn't in the plans when I came down.
Have a great day, Thanks for reading!

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