Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Great Trip...

I had a really good trip to Ft Worth over the weekend. My (standby) flight home Monday filled up, so I stayed an extra day. Instead of flying home, Mom and Ralph and I drove out to Ballinger to visit Ben and Tommy and Becky. It was a lot of fun.

On the way home, we stopped in Eastland at the little Pulido's Mexican Restaurant along I-20. That had to be the very best Mexican food I have ever had. Service was excellent. And I saw a waiter working another part of the restaurant go "above and beyond" in service. A small child was Not Happy. The waiter brought a chair from another table, and sat and entertained the baby so the parents were able to enjoy their food while it was hot.

I flew in to DFW early Friday morning. Mom and I went visiting, then garage-saling and thrift store shopping. Repeated on Saturday. Sort-of repeated on Sunday... no thrift stores, but garage sales and a run thru WalMart. We learned at WalMart that this particular location was selling anything on clearance at HALF their clearanced price. This required a second razzoo through the store, as we learned of the sale as we were in the checkout process. I got a package of 12 pairs of socks for $2.50. SCORE! (My best garage sale find was a new food processor. It is an older model, but pretty obviously never used. A very high end model. Best thrift store buy: a lamp with a brand new shade, for $3.00. The lamp and FP will have to stay at Mom's until her next visit up here.

My trip home was REALLY fun. I had collected so many more clothes than when I flew down, I got a bag to put them in, and checked the bag. There was NO line at the baggage check in counter. The screening was fast, painless. Only 2 people in line ahead of me. I left from D terminal, and at DFW Airport, that is a fun place. I wandered around awhile then sat and read until boarding time. The flight was so "open" that not only was I assigned a seat right away, I even had the ROW to myself.

The head flight attendant was an older guy named "Lucky"... a former military guy who survived some bad stuff, from what I understood. If you have ever read any of the "funny things flight attendants said" emails... they must of had this guy.

As they pushed the aircraft back from the gate, the standard "Turn off all cell phones and put away all electronic devices" announcement was made. A few moments later the flight attendant says, "For all of you who are still on your cell phones, Repeat after me, 'Goodbye, I love you, I will call you when I get to Arkansas'."
Other things he said, "For those of you flying for the first time, or if you have not ridden in a car at any time during the last 40 years, the flight attendant at the front of the cabin will demonstrate how to use a seat belt".
"American Airlines prides itself on hiring the best looking, most competent, and knowledgeable flight attendants and pilots in the industry. however, today you are stuck with us. We'll do our best"
"I will be turning down the overhead lighting in a few moments. This is to enhance the appearances of our flight attendants. It will also cut down on the glare off the top of my head."
"Please pay attention to the fasten seat belt signs located over your heads. You will also note there are a yellow and an orange button located there. The yellow button controls your personal reading light. The orange button... whatever you do, do not push the orange button. This is our individual ejection seat button!" (It was the flight attendant call button.)
"...If you can think of anything else you'd like to have... a neck massage, your feet rubbed... don't hesitate to ask...... the person seated beside you."
"All American Airlines flights are non-smoking. If you MUST smoke... please step outside."
"Once we reach cruising altitude, the flight attendants will be through the cabin with the beverage cart. Three minutes after you are served, they will be back through to take it away from you. This is a VERY short flight"
"Thank you for getting high with us today. No one appreciates you or your money more than we do!"

After the plane landed, and the "Fasten Seat Belt" light was turned off... he solemnly says "All Rise."... like a minister in some churches does.

I hadn't even gotten out of the car at home when Sam asked me if we were going to the library today. He hadn't yet heard the winners of the Art Competition he had entered. So we went to the library shortly after I got home. Sam didn't win, but had some tough competition.

So here I am home. Probably going back to work tomorrow. But I had such a great weekend... I don't even mind.

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Kathie said...

Sounds like you had a really great time at your Mom's--so glad you got to go. Your Dad's eye is improving--we saw the Dr. again yesterday, and he was pleased with the way it looks. Only 5 more days of lookin down and sleeping mostly on his face. His vision is not good yet, but is getting better.
Love you,