Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sunshine in my yard ....

drys up puddles!
Leaving fish stranded in depressions full of rainwater! The boys brought a couple more in to the fish tank, and are now out tossing the rest they are finding into the neighbor's pond. Sam says they have found several dead fish... it is so strange to pick up fish from an area you are about to MOW!
The boys rescued over 40 fish! Many more were already gone... they will be fertilizing the garden.

Sam quipped, "This was my best day of catching fish, ever!"

Yesterday, the boys and I met my mom in Alma, AR. We met at the A-Z distributing place. Only found a few things I couldn't live without. Really, I probably could of lived without them.... but hoping for good values, I made a few purchases.

One thing was a package of cardamom spice. I tried this spice while in Texas... the cardamom is over $74 per lb. in bulk from  Sprouts Market. This packet was several ounces... and was discounted to .80. So for 80 cents, I thought we might try a few more cardamom recipes. Daniel picked out a big jar of whole allspice, also .80. I got a couple of new kitchen towels... the kind that is half a towel with an end that buttons or hooks onto a handle. I like one near the sink... it save on paper towels! I got them for $1.20 each. My most expensive item was a picture for the boys room... a framed sailing ship. (The younger four boys all love old maps, sailing ships, and globes.) I think the framed print was under $7.00.

We had a really quick visit. Mom had brought up the stuff I got garage saling last time I was down there. She had another two hours still to travel, and I had left supper in the slow cooker at home. It was good to see Mom, though!

Hope you have a very blessed day!

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truth said...

That is crazy about the fish. That would drive me crazy seeing those poor little guys. Your boys are so sweet.