Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Past Week

The past week was filled with fun and sun. The boys and I went to the Prairie Grove Civil War Battlefield & Memorial last Tuesday (or was it Wednesday?) (pretty sure it was Wednesday!)
I forgot to wear a hat.
We stopped at the Union soldiers cemetery in Cincinnati, Arkansas, on the way down. Wandered around there for awhile. I was pretty upset at the vandalism this place suffers... as I am sure may cemeteries across the nation do. Praying hands etched in headstones were 'modified'... leaving a memorial vulgar salute. Why do people do these things?
I saw several headstones with the family name of one of my co-workers. I had heard his family was from that area, and asked him about it the next day. Yes, it was his parents and grandparents buried there. He told me about a section which had been mostly marked with large rocks, no names carved in them. This was the slave section in the cemetery. I had incorrectly assumed it was unknown soldiers buried there.

After our tour of the battlefield, we stopped at a small lake nearby- Bob Kidd Lake. The boys caught a few fish there! (We have had lousy luck fishing in Arkansas up until now.) After Bob Kidd, we stopped at Lake Wedington... where the fishing wasn't as good and a controlled burn nearby had us choking on smoke. We headed home just in time to get supper started before Mr C arrived.

Lacking a hat or sunscreen, I turned a fairly good red on my face. Thanks to sleeves and jeans, my face was the only burn. It didn't peel, so maybe I will get some tan from the week!
Friday, the weather was cool and blustery. The boys wanted to go out and see what was going on at the semi-annual Tired Iron Of The Ozarks Tractor Show. They had such a grand time, we went back both Saturday and Sunday!

Saturday, Connor and Alana came out to stay the night. We went to the tractor show with them. Since both refused to wear jackets, we weren't there any too long. Most of the time we were there was spent in the blacksmith shop. (Thanks to the forges and big Franklin stove, it was warm in there!) Sam and Daniel discovered the Blacksmithing Organization of Arkansas... and we are letting them join.

Sunday, I got up and did my walking outside... but remembered the hat! Then we went back to the tractor show. Connor and Alana got to actually drive a tractor... WOW! I have never even sat on a tractor before, much less driven one! They rode on the little tractor pulled kiddy train in the parade. I'm pretty sure they had a good time.

I ended up with at least five days of being out in the sun during the week. Wreaked havoc with my sinuses... but I had a great time.

There are PICTURES to go with all this weeks adventures. they are located at http://www.moocrew3.shutterfly.com/. Feel free to leave comments1

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