Monday, April 11, 2011

A week already?

I can't believe I haven't blogged in a week! I guess it could be because I spent quite a few days of the past week sick... a tummy bug. The week passed uneventfully... I worked Wednesday and Thursday, went home sick Friday and didn't go in at all Saturday. Mostly I slept off the bug.

Spring appears to be trying to spring around here. My rosebushes are all leafed out. The beans and corn Tom and the boys planted last week has started to come up. Grass has been mowed twice now. Since the weedeater bit the dust last year and hasn't been replaced, we sprayed RoundUp* along the sides of the house and around the mailbox. I planted flower seeds in my aging green planting boxes. I have had them since Marlow! (And used them a couple of years there!) I told Dan I would probably get live annual flowers for the hanging baskets.... eventually.

We need to replace our grill... it finally fell completely to pieces. We grill a LOT... pretty much daily in the summer, and several times weekly the rest of the year. The old grill was coming up on four years old... we got it the year of our last annual float trip. (Float trip/ Birthday party for Dan and Sam/ father's day celebration. It was the year Becky was expecting Tyrel- and he will be 4 in July.) So much has happened in the family since then.

Well, I am certainly just rambling. Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day. Hug someone you love!

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