Monday, April 25, 2011

Flooding on Vaughn Rd

This is looking from the front porch towards the road. There is no creek there, much less the river that appears here, headed to the pond.This is the pond. The islands and trees are on the lower dam of the pond.

The water spills out of the pond and into our pasture/ back yard. This forms another river that isn't normally there.

This is Sam, wading in the lake that the pasture has become.

The boys got out their Lego Pirate ship and let it sail along the rivers that have formed in the back pasture. They also caught a small bluegill in the pasture. It is now sharing the fishtank with Jimmy Raynor the Goldfish.

 I have read on facebook that several local roads, as well as Highway 59 between Gentry and Gravette have been closed due to flooding. Both ways into XNA Airport are closed due to flooding. The county is under a flash flood WARNING (you think?).

It is still raining.

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