Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yes... a strange collection indeed...

I thought it would be an interesting shot to get so many of my cookie jar lids in a shot. There are three or four not pictured. (The taller one at the back was elevated on the hat (top) of another jar, just to get so many in this shot.

Yes, it is a terrible and space consuming addiction... collecting cow cookie jars. (I do have a few pigs... and a Twin Winton Old Woman in the Shoe).
Here is one I have wanted for a long time but don't have. Not that I'm hinting.. I sure don't need ANOTHER cookie jar! Cow Cookie jar.

I have been washing knick knacks all weekend. Leaving messages for my nieces and cousins to email me if they wanted a keepsake knick knack from my our Granny (great granny, Great great granny). I have set aside the ones I have been promising forever to mail my brother. (I will do it SOON, Robbie!)
This weekend I have also been sorting through drawers and cupboards. I have boxes for several of my kids... mostly things that belong to them, yet I have had custody of for years... Some is stuff I am "donating" to said children... they may deal with as they see fit.

I flunked my walking goal for June... and should be caught up to July by the 5th. That leaves me more than 2 miles day through the rest of July just to stay on goal. Yikes! (If I don't make it.. it is just a goal... no penalties imposed! I had to set a distant goal, both challenging yet do-able... and I set it for 600 miles by the end of the year. I broke it down to 50 miles per month.)

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