Thursday, July 21, 2011

Updates and rambles...

I have been back from my ever-so-quick trip to Ohio for a couple of days now. I am currently seated at the uncluttered and cool library, as dan and sam do their volunteering. Connor and Alana are checking out all the fun stuff there is to do here.

I had a good interview, I think. it was their psychological screening interview. So I was told they will make a decision in a week or two as to whether or not I am hired. IF I am hired... I get to make another trip up to Ohio for their drug screening and physical, and they will do a background check. Pass all of those hurdles, and I am hired!

While there, I did look at the house that is between Tom's brother Bob's house, and their Mom's house. It IS for rent, and we could "do" with it. Not sure just how much rent they are asking, but it ought to be less than we are currrently paying. It will be available in a few weeks, as they are painting and putting in new windows, as well as some minor repairs and clean-up.

It looks as if things are falling right into place. I still hesitate to get my hopes up... things have "fallen into place" any number of times in the past. Meanwhile, we have got a lot of packing accomplished.

Connor and Alana are visiting us for a few days. Perhaps I can take them on a quick trip up next time I go, although I don't want to mention it to them now, as I don't know what will be happening myself. I always hated to be looking forward to things like that as a child and then have them fall through. Then again... these two were "are we theeeere yet"-ting me just on the trip to the library... it is about 20 minutes to here from my house... not the 14 hours it takes to drive to Ohio.  Am I that brave of a Granny?

My own mom may be coming up to visit this next week... I am sure looking forward to that! And Ty'ger Jones will be FOUR in just a few more days. He is such a big guy.

Hope you have a blessed and happy day. My time at the library is finishing up. Thanks for reading.

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Jennifer said...

If you had a t.v. in your vehicle, and brought the game system, you wouldn't hear a peep out of them for the whole trip. Plus the dramamine knocks Alana out so she sleeps most of the way.