Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend again...

I just got back from taking Connor and Alana home. I tried a nap... but for all the drowzies that have had hold of me all morning, I couldn't get to sleep. So the guys are all napping. Dan and Sam took Connor "Wood Sparrow" hunting last night. This is another word for "Snipe hunting". For those of you not raised in the south, A Snipe (or Wood Sparrow) is a non-existent bird that comes out at night searching beneath rocks and brush for insects. To hunt them, you sit quietly in the dark beneath a tree or bush, and have a sack or bucket ready. When you hear the Snipe (or wood sparrow) coming, turning over rocks... you prepare to catch him in the sack or bucket. The persons leading the hunt either sneak off and see how long their victim will wait alone in the dark, or hide and jump out and scare the person giving up on the hunt.

Dan and Sam thought it the most horrible thing ever done to them (several years ago), and cried for hours. Connor came rushing in last night, heart pounding and sweat dripping, declaring he had been pranked and would have nightmares forever over this. He calmed down quickly, and sat next to me, contemplating the meanness of Uncles in general and these two in particular.  I'm sure that he will be as delighted to lead a snipe hunt when his chance comes, as the twins were last night.

I was probably too old to be taken Snipe hunting when teen friends of mine and my sister Lalani learned we had never been. First of all, my step Mom was keen and excited for us to be going out after dark with these boys. TOTALLY out of character for her. Second, it just seemed these boys were up to something, and I was suspicious. I really don't know if I am more suspicious, or more gullible, by nature. But by nurture... I am suspicious!
So these boys took Lalani into a field about a quarter mile from our house. We were set under bushes and instructed to await the snipes. The guys said they would hunt over in the next field, and left us. The minute they were gone, Lalani and I got together. She was also suspicious. So we found a different spot to hide and watch. After a good while, we heard the boys coming back. They called to us, but we refused to answer. They began yelling, and still, we didn't answer. So they went and got my parents and their parents.. and a search party was taken to the field. As my friend's Dad walked past, calling out for Lalani and I, I stood up out of the dark and said "Yes? we are right here." The poor man about fell over. Of course, we really got screamed at by my step mother... worrying everyone like that. It was fine and dandy if WE were the ones to be scared, but not so fine to scare them.
I didn't hear anything about my prospective job this week, except that they did call my boss at O'Reilly and speak to him.
We got the contract to rent the house mentioned in my last post... and decided we are NOT going to sign it. It had all the liabilities of owning our own home, and none of the benefits. We can find a place to buy for less than the rent they decided to ask for that house... and maybe they can find someone less suspicious and more gullible to sign their contract. So house-hunting is back on the to-do list when I do get a call to come back to Ohio.Since they had said it could be two weeks before they called me, I am not yet concerned that I didn't get the job.

Tomorrow is Tyrel's birthday. He will be a whopping FOUR years old. He is so cute, opinionated, and accented. To meet him is to know he is a West Texas cowboy. He wears his hay-at, bay-elt, and boots. He says "aigs" and "laigs"... the cutest drawl you ever heard. (Right?) (Right? is Ty's catchword... everything he says is followed by "right?")

Supper tonight is leftovers. We have the choice of spaghetti, or tuna surprise. If I can stave off sleep until it cools down somewhat, I have to get out and walk. My "miles" for this month are pitiful... I may have 10 miles instead of 50 racked for the month.

Be blessed, and Thanks for reading!

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