Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Technological A.D.D.

Without consulting anything but your own brain... what is your Mom's phone number? How about your brother's?
When I was growing up... until even as short awhile as five years ago... I could spout off at least fifty phone numbers of family and friends. Most people could. Kids and adults could read maps and get from point A to point B.
Now, we  have to consult our technological friends...
Phone numbers and addresses are stored in the artificial memory of cell phones. GPS systems guide us turn by turn to any place on the planet. How few people still pay attention to their surroundings while driving?

We are becoming a people with technologically induced A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder). We can't pay attention to the conversation with the person speaking to us because a text has just come across the cell phone. We are surfing the internet while talking on the phone... often while simultaneously drving! News is fed to us in "sound bites", school lessons are designed to engage all of ones senses.

Where would we be if we were not constantly in touch with everyone we know, instantly? What would happen if an EMP wave hit the planet... and all technology was rendered useless? No computers, cell phones, ATMs, televisions... perhaps no electricity or land line phones. How would we cope?

All of the technology in our lives has us multitasking to the max. Constant demands for attention come from every direction, like a house full of toddlers stoked on Mountain Dew.

Perhaps this is what leads to "overload".
The need for a nap that suddenly hits... and you shut down.
Or maybe naps just need to happen.

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