Friday, July 15, 2011


I have to work tomorrow, then I am driving to Ohio. Daniel is riding along to keep me company. I got a pay-as-you-go cell phone. (Which I haven't activated yet, I will do that in a few minutes. I forgot all about it until now!) If we get to choose a phone number, I will see about using Sam's favorite number!

I will rest up on Sunday and Monday (Except for the couple of hours set aside for interviewing/travel), then we will drive back on Tuesday. That is a quick trip, LOL!

Dan and I have several audio books to listen to on our drive. In fact, I could probably make the trip three or four times and not listen to all of the books. (It seems we both had the same idea at the library and got audio books independently of one another.) We got our snacks laid in, and drinks cooling. and I plan to stop for lunch and supper when we get hungry... not just push on and starve. There are some nice rest areas along the way if I need to take a break and rest... and I am not shy about doing so!

I have driven "by myself" to Ohio several times before now. The first time was with five kids, the second was when Ben was a new driver. Becky and I made the drive when Ty was a wee baby. So I was never really "by myself" and I won't be this time either. If it makes you feel better, you can call or text my cell all day long! (I will be calling family with the cell so I can get them programmed into it!)

I fully intended to gas the car up today, as well as get some cash to take with me... but the ATM was down. All plans just shifted into procrastination mode. I came home and grabbed a snack, checked my stuff on the 'net... and procrastinated more.

But I best get out of that mode and get busy.
Have a blessed day!

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