Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another step closer...

I had my second telephone interview this morning. It led to scheduling a face to face interview on Monday!

I don't know how many people have said , "Well, if this is what you waaaant, I'm happy for you." OK, so I stretched out the waaaant- but I "hear" it said like that even when the person is typing instead of speaking.

Ohio is not in a foreign country. I really won't be any farther away by telephone or instant message or email or blogging than I am now. Seriously, even my co-workers and cousins I have barely seen in years act as if they cannot imagine anyone wanting to move from Arkansas.
And it isn't as if we hate Arkansas. We live in a very pretty place... we just don't have any friends close by, and very little family in the area. (Two grandchildren, who will in all likelihood be more than thrilled to visit us in Ohio.) And you know what... while moving again isn't really all that thrilling of a thought, we can always move "back".

So... looks like I will "probably" be driving up this weekend and back either Monday evening or just drive all day on Tuesday. Or perhaps I will fly up, if the flights look good. (They seldom do, so I'm not holding my breath there.) If I drive, I will take my car full of as much as I can get in it, and store it with our family up there.

Have a blessed afternoon. Love to you all!

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