Monday, November 3, 2008


Today marks the beginning of getting back on the old routine. While I was back to my schedule pretty much as soon as we walked in the door last week, Tom was off until this morning.

Between Oreilly's, the time change, and Tom being off, I haven't had much chance to post. So far, the BP medication seems to be working well. Towards the end of the dose (just before the next dose is due) I have had my BP spike up 'for no apparent reason'. I have to call the Dr.'s office when it opens today and find out what Jeanie the nurse tried to call me about on Friday.

My mom was in Arkansas this weekend for a seminar she attends with her cousin every year. Today she will detour by here and stay the night before heading on back to Texas. Depending on when Ben is to start at WM, she may stay and look after Matthew for me on Wednesday morning when I go in for the follow-up with the Doctor. Ben goes for the drug test today. Since I don't think he takes so much as an ibuprofen unless I force it on him, he will undoubtedly pass the screening.

While I did prepare and take schoolwork to Ohio for the twins, we didn't do any of it. I had planned to have them work on it at the first sign of boredom, or if they sat in the basement playing too many video games. They entertained themselves out of doors. They built a shelter in the woods of fallen trees. They invaded Grandpa Jack's shop and created bows and arrows, and practiced shooting off of Grandma's deck. Several evenings, they built a fire in the firepit on the deck, and roasted marshmallows. Grandma took them to the library, where they borrowed Hank the cowdog on audio tape. She took them to the ice cream stand in Laurelville that has 28 flavors of soft serve ice cream... which they read for themselves and each chose an interesting flavor. (We have a funny story in that!).

When Becky was five or six years old- not quite reading well- she went for a summer visit to Ohio. Chris and Bill were also with her on that trip. Grandma Arlene and Grandpa Jack took them to an ice cream stand near Circleville, famous for its wide variety of flavors. Grandma offered to read the list to Becky, some 59 flavors or more. Becky listened and stood for awhile, as if making up her mind. She asked Grandma to read the list a second time.. and Grandma did. Finally, Becky made her decision and was ready to order. "I'll have vanilla.", she told Grandma.

So here we are back to routine. Tomorrow, Al E Cat will be 17 years old. Ben will have to remember to get her some sardines or tuna today when he goes in to town... that is tradition for her birthday. Matthew is already up- early for him, even considering the time change. Someone is in the shower... I didn't see who went in. Jaffa is whining at the door, trying to turn the knob with his paws... he can almost get it! He hears the neighbor kids out and wants to chase the school bus. We need to go to the library, but that probably won't happen today. I have to decide what to fix for supper, and get it out to thaw. The usual schoolwork, laundry, house cleaning... all goes back on track today. It really fell by the wayside last week after we got home... hard to maintain a routine with Mr C here.

It's hard to believe it is already November.
I will be off for Thanksgiving! Hooray.
Not that I can GO anywhere... but I can cook a meal here. (Let me know if you plan to be here.) Mr C told me I need not get too large of a turkey, with just the five of us here. Bill Joe has said he may try to come.

Well, I have wandered away from here several times- so I guess I better post and have done with it! Have a great day!

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truth said...

Love the ice cream story.

Sounds like your kids had lots of outdoor schooling-what a great time that must have been.