Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I use the timer on my microwave frequently. Much of the use is for cooking. We also use it for timed tests in homeschooling.

Yesterday, I used it on Matthew. I gave him six minutes to put on his socks and shoes. (This was after 20 minutes of non-cooperation.) He dilly dallied and pretended he couldn't do it. The timer buzzed. He got a swat on the backside. I re-started the timer. After the 'motivational swat', he got both socks and shoes on, correctly, with four and a half minutes to spare.

The timer is my new friend.

There are no arguments. He is out to beat the clock. (If he is TRYING and close to success, no penalty. Sitting with the lower lip out and arms crossed, glaring at me... penalty!)
I give him a lot of praise for succeeding.

Mr C does NOT want me to keep another small child. He is worried about liability. So I guess he will tell the other mechanic "Sorry, No." if he is approached. Oh well... I was just trying to help out financially.

This is my "baby" brother Roger's birthday. He is 43. Just a few more days until my Mom's birthday.... and she leaves tomorrow for the family reunion held in Broken Bow. So, Happy Birthday to Roger and to Mom! It is One week until my middle child turns 20.

Yep... Ben will be 20!

(Note to my other children: This would be a good time to grab a card and get it mailed off!)
(Note to Mom: see, I didn't say how old you are!)
(Note to readers: My Mom had all her kids when she was really young. She is NOT old).
Well, due to the absolutely gorgeous weather... we are going outside now. Have a blessed day!


roses said...

Thank you for the Happy Birthday...after getting my perfect present last week...it makes my birthday seem like it goes on all month, I am baking Roger's cake now he will probably go Hootin' with it...he didn't want ANY decoration. Suppose I should get him a card...I could put money in it and then he could give it back four days later hmmm We usually go out to eat TWO times and each of us pays once...hey it works for us. Thank you for not saying how old I am going to be (or that I am now eligible for Medicare haha.) Have a good day..I am suppose to be busy 'getting ready' for the trip. hugs Mom

Becky said...

Don't worry gramma,I am already getting things from AARP, and I am not even 23!

truth said...

Happy Birthday to all! What a good daughter for not throwing in your mom's age.