Monday, March 29, 2010

Daze Off

Well, my "weekend" is drawing to a close. I really didn't get much of anything accomplished. Mr C got the garden tiller fixed and tilled up a small patch of soil. It will need several more tillings and some weed killer before planting time arrives.

I did several loads of laundry. No sooner can I see the bottom of the basket, than it 'magically' refills. I am fed up with re-re-rewashing blankets and having the dogs lay all over them. Dogs should be outside! especially reeky dogs.

Back to work tomorrow. I learned from the Mom of the boy I babysit, he is going to his grandparents early this year, sometime "after Easter". He will be gone all summer, until school starts. So I will be down $100 a week in income soon. I don't know if my new hours at O'Reilly's is going to make up the difference. If I HAVE to work full time, I need a job that pays better than O's... even though I truly enjoy the job.

I made some of Seneca's gumbo for supper tonite. It is the best I have ever made. Even if it may not be "real" gumbo, as I leave out the okra. I just hate it boiled.
I was looking at the clock an hour ago, wondering if it was too early to head to bed. I decided that 3:30 IS too early for bed. So I am sitting around yawning and NOT getting anything done. Mr C is out cleaning off the front porch. I got started on it earlier, but was soon and easily distracted.

May everyone have a wonderful blessed week ahead!

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