Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The "F" word

Becky and I were just instant messaging one another online, and she reminded me of how the boys used to scream and cry and tattle whenever anyone would say "Fickle".

"Fickle" was the meanest word, sure to bring tears and screaming, and a run on the Parental Units.

We began calling it "the F word".

So we were visiting my BIL in Ohio, and all the kids were playing in the basement... when one of the little boys came up shrieking, "Mooooooommmm! Cousin used the F word. He called me the F word!"

My BIL was quick to react and was headed down the stairs to scream at his errant son... and we were as quick to call him back. "No, it isn't THAT F word. It is "Fickle". Your son said "fickle" to our son.

Over the years, the outrage of being called " a fickle", whatever they had perceived it to be, finally wore off.

We had a good laugh over it today.