Thursday, March 18, 2010

Library day

Here I am at the library again, while Daniel and Sam do their volunteering. They have only missed the week that we went to Becky's house, since they began.

I got a call yesterday, I am invited to a friend's house for a "Home and Garden Party". The folks that used to be Home Interiors sold out to this company. I saw a mini catalog that another friend sent a few weeks ago. I didn't go to her party, as it fell the day of the big race.

Mom and Ralph surprised me by stopping by yesterday. Mom had emailed me the night before, but I didn't check my emails til after work yesterday. They had intended to stay the night, but a last minute change of plans occurred as they traveled. Mom's cousin Ruth, who has a cake shop in Russellville (here in Arkansas) arrived at the shop yesterday to discover a disaster. The ceiling of the shop had collapsed! Ruth had an especially busy schedule this weekend, with a number of wedding cakes and other orders to get out. Now, she has no place to work.

Mom and Ralph stopped in to say hello, then headed on down to Russellville. They will help as much as they can with clean up, and helping find some place Ruth can get her orders out. You can't exactly cancel a bride's wedding cake three days before the wedding. Mom and Ralph are headed to my brother Robert's house to pick up a few things he needs them to store for him.

The little boy i babysit is getting all grown up. he was registered for Kindergarten, and gets his vaccinations today. Once he heads to his grandparents for his annual summer visit, I probably won't be getting him back. He has been in our care since he was born!

I hope you all have a blessed day!

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