Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Going to grill some chicken tonight. I thought I would try my own marinade: I added apple juice, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and cayenne. Some fried rice as a side, because I cooked a whole lot for the gumbo lasterday. Need another side, it will probably be a veggie tray, as the veggies are ready to use already.

It is over 70* this afternoon. Wow. Very sunny, and the wind is whipping. I got an air filter on order for the tiller... it has NEVER had a new one, apparently. Tom bought the tiller back when Tommy was little, and it was used then! I also have a muffler being priced for it. I will find out the price and availability tomorrow. ( I could call work this afternoon and ask.. but since it is a pre-pay to order item, I may as well wait until tomorrow.)

Wow, my days with Matthew may be even more numbered than I thought. His Grandpa retires tomorrow, and is coming to get him "after Easter", which is Sunday. So I may only have him another day or two... or maybe a week. Guess I will know soon. If Matt had his way, today would have been his last day. He started gathering all his toys and putting them into his bag. I told him NO, they go into the toy box. He pitched a major fit and told me he was NOT coming back here, he is going to MeeMee and Pa paw's house TOMORROW! I knew his Mom would have let me know if that was the plan, so I told him No, do as I said. Put the toys into the toy box. This caused a major meltdown. Mr C intervened, and Matthew cried. When his Mom arrived, he told her to Make Me give him his toys, his PaPaw was coming to get him tomorrow. She told him No, he was not coming tomorrow. This caused another meltdown. He was totally distressed that I was keeping his toys!

Oh well. It will be strange to put away the toy box when he does go... bringing it out only when grandkids visit. It has been a fixture in the living room for four years!

Today is my daughter-in-law's birthday. A happy "Big 3-oh" to Seneca! May your life take a brighter path this coming year!

One of my grand daughter's won a baby pageant this weekend. Nickole took first place in her division.

I do wish that a happy acceptance of the trophy was enough... but it looks like the pretty baby is headed to a State competition come June. I just hate to see the whole "Toddlers and Tiaras" scene happening. Granted, she is a beautiful little girl.

But the pageants are stressful, expensive, often have little girls made up to look like streetwalkers, expensive, are mainly put on to line the pockets of the producers, expensive, can lead to the idea that beauty is the most important thing a girl can possess, expensive, contribute to some children feeling like entitled, spoiled brats.... and did I mention they are expensive?

Can't she just be OUR beautiful baby?
(I suppose I better learn to sew those frilly little dresses to perfection in a hurry!)
Maybe the State competition will be enough, and she can grow up relatively normal afterward. (Normal being a relative thing in this family.)

I hope you all have a blessed afternoon!

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