Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keeping up...

Connor and Alana stayed the night last night. It is great having them here. I had to head to bed "early"... and went in to work by 20 after 5:00. I was done and home shortly after 8:30 am. I really expected it to be still quiet when I arrived.

Hardly! Matthew and Alana were running and shrieking. That hasn't stopped most of the day. At least they have taken it outside a couple of times. They have also "played" video games.

Daniel checked the New England Clam Shack Cookbook out from the library again. He is going to make clam chowder for supper, and some crab cakes. We bought some small packages of frozen crab. Says in bold letters right on the front: made with real crab!

I suppose I should have reasoned:
MADE WITH inferred that this was not REALLY crab meat. In fact, it contains less than 2% crab. It contains more sorbitol and potato starch than it does crab.

Fine print. Gotta read the FINE print!

Nevertheless, we shall have "crab" cakes.

I love that my kids are willing to try new recipes, and delight in making them.

When Tom and I went out the other night, the boys made our famous eggrolls for their supper. Once a person has our home made variety, the restaurant variety just doesn't taste good anymore.

Oops. "Disaster" has struck. Matthew hit Alana on the hand with a stick. He is in timeout, she has already quit whining. (Which she did the instant Matt got into trouble... it took her a minute to work up a good snivel, anyway.) His timeouts are based on age and infraction. I made him stand there a good 90 seconds.

Ahh. It has been a long time since mine were this age.

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truth said...

Crab delights indicates crab to me. But yeah, the fact that it says made with real crab should have been a tip off.

I'm going to have Ethan for 5 days and am a little nervous about it. I am so hoping the weather is good so he can get outside. Otherwise, not sure what we are going to do with all of our time. I have to stay one step ahead of him.