Thursday, March 11, 2010

getting the hang of it

I am finally catching on pretty well to the new responsibilities at work. Still no key... which has led to some aggravation. Boss arrives really early, and CRANKS UP the music. I arrive... no key... forgot my cell phone... and BEAT on the door. Repeatedly. I go back to the car, gather change, head for the pay phone. Deposit my .50, No dial tone.

Phone won't give me back my money. I belatedly notice the phone handset is barely connected to the inner mechanisms of the phone.
By now, I'm late. Back to beating on the door.
Boss finally heard me and let me in. That was yesterday.

Today, I remembered my cell, and called him as I drove up. He was expecting me!
Yesterday I worked five hours, today I was down to four. Tomorrow may see me up a bit in the time. I disclosed today I was "slowly" catching up on the returns. When I began learning the "returns" job, I was told that it was required to send back the returns marked "**", The ones marked "*" ought also to be sent, but could be postponed if necessary. Items without an asterisk I could send at my convenience... which was what I have been doing. Turns out, Boss wants ALL requested returns done daily- the entire page (or pages, as the case has been). I have whittled it down to about half a page, but he says he wants it ALL done daily from now on.

Dan and Sam have been doing well with Matthew. Today, they didn't have him. I got home expecting them to be ready to go to the library for their volunteer day. Instead, the house was in chaos (as usual) and they had been playing computer games with Ben all morning. They had not even STARTED schoolwork. Dan got on his schooling right away. Sam was about to begin when Mr C got home for lunch. It is impossible for anyone to concentrate with Mr C listening to the radio on... so we headed on in to the library. Sam can do his lessons this afternoon.

Despite having been to WalMart day before yesterday... we will be stopping back by there this afternoon. Someday, maybe people will realize I don't just KNOW when we are out of things like coffee filters; toothpaste, and shampoo in the boys bathroom. Write it on the LIST! (Have I mentioned how many times I have arrived at the store to find "IT" dutifully printed on the list?)

I read on my daughter's MIL's blog that my DD is sick again today. She was really under the weather when we headed home Sunday, but had been feeling somewhat better. (Get well soon, LG!)

Yesterday was a beautiful 73* here. Today is a rainy 54*. We have had the windows open some this week. It has been nice. Everyone is ready for Spring... but not deceived into believing we won't get at least one more snowfall/ice storm before Spring truly arrives.

I mentioned to Mr C that I haven't taken the twins skating in a couple of months... so we may try to do that soon. Maybe even tomorrow. (Hey Laurie, we should set up a good time to go skating, meet at the Jones Center!)

Have a blessed day!

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