Friday, March 12, 2010


Saturday is the birthday of one of my internet friends. Like me, she doesn't use her last name online. However, I put together bits from her blog and FB posts, as well as another board we are both on... and then googled her name that I had surmised. It came right up with not only her address, but her phone number as well. So I mailed her off a birthday card today! (Happy Birthday, Truth!)

It is really rather scary how "public" our lives are with the advent of the internet.

I just talked to my Mom.
The tree that has been shading her front porch since I first saw the house in 1972 was chopped down today. My brothers and I, my children and their children spent many happy hours playing in its branches. The tree was a "short lived" fast growing variety that had finally succumbed to some rot. As close as it was to the house, it was feared the tree could fall onto the roof if a bad enough storm ever hit.

I am too sentimental over trees. I cried rivers of tears when the landowner next to us (in Marlow) bulldozed a road through the woods along our joint property line. I am not a tree hugger to the point that I get upset over logging... I love real wood furniture and cabinets... and I love to read. Books are printed on paper that also comes from trees. I know trees are a renewable resource... and that Mom could replant a tree near the same spot. Maybe she will. I hope it is another "fast growing" variety, because I don't think that the house will be there by the time even a "fast growing" tree reaches the age of the one that came down.

We transplanted a "tree" that we found growing right against our porch at our Marlow house. I put "tree" in quotes, because when we discovered it against the porch, it had one leaf and a trunk smaller than a toothpick. It was a cottonwood. We set it out in the side yard... and marked the spot with a stake so we wouldn't accidentally mow it down. It has been at least two years since I have seen the tree, and it was at least 50 feet tall then. (The tree would be about 12 or 13 years old now.) I miss that tree as well.

Guess I am out of random rambling.
Have a blessed day!


truth said...

You are so funny! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I laughed when I read your fondness of trees when you mentioned books. My daughter, Hilary, has a birthday coming up. She said she wanted a kindle. I was shocked. She has never been much of a reader, at least not for pleasure.

But she'd like to be able to download her textbooks next year when she goes off to college because she "hates the feel and smell of book pages." Is that weird?

Mom said...

I hope to get another tree, not that it will grow in my lifetime, but someone can enjoy it as I did this one planted so long ago. I will still have the memories of kids scaring the bejeebers out of me swinging from the highest limbs.