Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bill's Birthday

Oil day at O'Reilly's! An extra 2 pallets of merchandise to sling about. Somewhere along the way, during the 16 bags of Oil dry being first slung off the pallet onto the cart, then off the cart and onto the sales floor, my back decided it had had enough. Being more sensible than usual... I told the boss I was done lifting for the day. I scanned in the rest of the freight and left it for the nice strong young guys to deal with. Here I am back at home after a mere 4 hours on the job.

One of my brothers has great news. He is back to work today! He was forced to give up his job as a truck driver when he had to be hospitalized. They couldn't stabilize his blood sugar, and he was cited as insulin dependent. His diabetic doctor checked him carefully, and found infection in his teeth. Once the infection was cleared up, brother Robert's blood sugar stabilized and he was officially declared to not be insulin dependent. His old boss was happy to give him a truck, and he begins driving this afternoon! This is a major praise report!

Another of my brothers, Rick, is in need of major prayers. (Or a swift kick in the pants.) He is out of work and not looking for a job, waiting for a disability certification to come in. Meanwhile, he has lost everything. He is homeless, living in the back of his truck. I'm sure this is stressful for him and his wife, who is also unemployed and not looking for work. Other than prayers for them to get their lives straightened out, there is nothing we can DO for them. Hand-ups are rejected in favor of hand outs. This has my Mom in tears. I hate it when anyone makes my Mom cry!

Today is DS#2's birthday. Bill Joe is 29! Happy Birthday Bill! Here is a link to Bill's Birth Story.

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Becky said...

OH yeah, and happy birthday Bill.... LOL, just an afterthought.