Monday, August 30, 2010

100 miles!

Today marks 100(+) miles since I started keeping track of my walking in July. I fluctuate between having lost 5-8 lbs. But I have stayed under 157 lbs.! (Down from 162 lbs.) I now have 51 days to make my last 50 miles of my goal. I try to walk every day, but sometimes, I can't. It looks like I should easily make my 150 mile goal by Oct. 20th. I have already worn holes in the linings of my "new" shoes.

I have mentioned several times that I need to tackle our "back to school" plans. So this morning while Tom and the twins went fishing... I looked at the bookcase mess where most of my homeschooling books are crammed located. After gazing at the bookcase for several minutes, I sighed. Then I got busy.

... and cleaned out four drawers in the kitchen. (They are clean and organized now, with things in Ziploc bags according to type!) The silverware and knife holders are washed and refilled. I also got three loads of laundry done, and chicken out to thaw for supper.

The bookcase remains a mess.

Daniel and Sam have been practicing "free running". This involves a lot of leaping, rolling, and climbing. They have watched many YouTube videos and even dragged mattresses out into the yard while they try to learn the flips (and falls!) involved. Since arriving back from fishing, all the guys are napping. (They caught and released two small fish.) No wonder the boys are worn out. Mr C sleeps more from boredom than fatigue.

The Library called this morning and actually SCHEDULED a time for the twins to work this week. They have a new book check-in system, and the boys will be demonstrating its use on Wednesday morning.

I suppose I ought to quit procrastinating on here, and go tackle that bookcase. Unless I am distracted by another drawer that just can't wait. Have a blessed day!

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