Friday, August 27, 2010

All alone again...

Tom is at work, and the twins decided to try again to bike into Gentry. Yesterday, I had barely hit "publish" when they trooped in, defeated. Sam's bike had met with a major malfunction. He set out today on Ben's bike. The weather is only a couple of degrees warmer today than yesterday.

I have supper in the crockpot, sort of an enchilada casserole. Laundry churning, treadmilling done. The grocery list has been diligently updated... though I am sure we will find something missed!

Today, I had either the most freight, or maybe the second most freight I have had since I became "the" shipping and receiving person. It was after 10:00 when I got home, and I was only that fast because the guys pitched in and helped put freight away once they arrived. We got in a whole lot of stuff that goes on sale next Wednesday... some totally new to our store.

Hmmmm. I'm wondering why I am sitting here wracking my brain trying to think of just what else I had planned to talk about today.... when I could be having a nap? Maybe a nap will help me remember the rest...

Thanks for checking in!

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