Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hot Time Tonight

Yesterday I got a call from my friend Wanda, whose son Matthew we used to babysit. Her DH Dale had been down to Wanda's Uncle's house, picking peppers. Dale cans copious amounts of veggies every year, including peppers. This week, he ran out of time. He has to leave for a week of training for his job, on Sunday. So Wanda called to ask me if we would like some peppers Dale wasn't going to be able to deal with. Of course, I said yes.

Last night Dale brought over a few bags of peppers of various types. There are bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, Anaheims, poblanos, chili, banana peppers... just about every kind of pepper one can imagine, except Tabasco and habanero peppers.

The boys separated the peppers by colors, and by varieties.

Today we went to town and got some fruit jars and some pectin. I forgot to get dill, and whole cloves of garlic.

So far we have made six half pints of roasted jalapeno jelly, eight quarts of banana (and other mixed pepper) slices, and two quarts of whole banana peppers, and at least a gallon ziplock of chopped bell peppers.We still have a ton to deal with!

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