Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It has really been hot here the last few days... right back up to where it was at the first of the month. But it IS August, so I guess hot weather is to be expected. Dan and Sam are out having a water balloon fight. They have had so much fun with those balloons.

Yesterday was a heavier than usual freight day, and I had three lines of stock lifts appear. Each line had to be inventoried, adjusted , then processed. Since it was almost 11:30 before I even finished my normal freight yesterday, I left the stock lift things for today. I finished regular freight by 9:00 and then spent the next hour and a half on the lifts. With tomorrow being Thursday (Oil Day), that will make 3 long days in a row.

After work yesterday, we went to the library, and then to WalMart for groceries. I don't feel like I had a chance to sit down all day! I got back from getting groceries, and found Tom still home "for lunch". It was after 4:00pm! He had gone out to the car to leave for work shortly after we left for errands. His battery had shorted out, and he still has the van in pieces. Since we no longer have the cell phones, all he could do was wait for me to get home.

He took my car back to work, then when he was off for the day, we went back up to O'Reilly's and got a battery. Happily, we had the right size in stock.

I went out yesterday morning and this morning before work to stargaze. I saw 2 shooting stars yesterday and one this morning. Not too bad considering I probably wasn't out more than 10 minutes either morning. The meteor shower is supposed to peak tonight between 2 and 4 am.

May you all have a blessed afternoon!

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