Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy Saturday....

I had a very light day at work today, home a little after 8:00am. Once home, the weather was soooo nice, I decided to take a REAL walk, instead of treadmilling. I measured out the distance from the Tilly Hill stop sign to the house at just over 1.2 miles. Since I know my car's mileometer is off by a good bit, I called my total walk 2.5 miles. I found that "actual" walking is a bit more difficult than treadmilling.... probably due to the fact that I can't set my treadmill as steep as the hills around here. Huffing down the second big hill, barely 1/4 into my walk, I was sadly remonstrating myself that I was going to have to climb back UUUUUUP this very hill.

The return trip wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated. I guess I caught my second wind... or maybe it was the fact I was headed home, like a barn soured old nag. I hadn't much more than arrived home (and pointed out the complete lack of Necessary paper) that Mr C decided we should head on to Wally World before the crowds hit. So off we went to Wally World.

Well before noon, I had put in my "day's work", been grocery shopping, and had done my daily exercise. Mr C and I have since been looking at houses, online. Most of the ones we REALLY liked were well out of our price range. *sigh* A great 4 bedroom for *only $950,900.*

I have also called or tried to call all the parental units that Mr C and I possess. I reached both my Mom and StepMom. But Mr. C's Mom wasn't home.

Mr. C's Mom was burglarised earlier this week. Thieves vandalized her bedroom and made off with nearly $4.00 in change, as well as her jewelry boxes, containing probably a couple hundred dollars worth of retail value jewelry. (Street value probably under $20) For this they DESTROYED her roll top desk, and her old cedar "hope" chest. They trashed her bedroom, and stole her peace of mind. If she finds out who did this, they may also get a piece OF her mind.

They did miss her earrings that Jack, her husband that passed away 5 years ago, gave her. These were in a decorated cardboard box I had done for her a couple of years ago. Who would want a cardboard box covered in tissue paper and ribbon bits? It was thrown aside, among her clothes and the contents of drawers and closets. At the time Jack passed, Arlene had only ONE of the earrings. She had somehow lost one, somewhere in the house. More than a year after he was gone, Arlene was looking at the remaining earring one day, and said, "Jack, if you are up there somewhere looking out for me, I sure wish you'd help me find the other earring!"

A few days later, she was cleaning her kitchen, and decided to dust under the stove. (Come on... who DUSTS under the stove?) (Oh sorry, probably many normal appearing people do this on occasion.) Anyway, she had a sock rubber banded to a yardstick, sweeping beneath the stove... when she dragged out her missing earring. Wow. Just, WOW. And the burglars missed this pair.

Now, on with the weekend. I need to go through the schooling books and see what we have vs. what we need for the coming school year. May you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for reading!

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