Thursday, August 12, 2010

All the excitement here...

After I left work yesterday, there was a boatload of excitement on the small town where my particular O'Reilly's is located. Seems that a woman who operates the beauty salon directly across the street from O'Reilly's was accosted at gun point, tied up, and robbed of a few hundred dollars.

There were state police, helicopters, sirens... as FBI and other agencies descended on the small town. All the hubbub was because the authorities initially thought the robbers were escapees from an Arizona prison, who have left a path of mayhem across the nation. After seeing pictures of the escaped prisoners, the beauty shop owner says they were not the people who robbed her. All of the big time crime fighters have moved on, leaving the local police to try and figure out who DID rob the place.

As I have mentioned before, I get to work by 5:30 am. It is dark, and the town, for the most part, still sleeps. Not knowing anything at all about yesterday's "excitement", I am nevertheless cautious about getting into the building. I approach the parking lot, always from the side, where I habitually let my headlights scan behind the building, and the dumpster area. I always check behind and under the van and company truck as I drive up.

Once I stop, I have my keys ready to go... I park less than five steps from the door. I can be inside in just a few seconds. My keys have a "panic" button on them, which will set my car to honking and flashing lights. Inside, the door locks automatically behind me. Once inside, I have access to another panic button, which sends a silent alarm to the local police station, if I press it.

Working alone really doesn't bother me. As I have said before, I never think of myself as being alone. I don't "feel" alone. (Guess that is a side benefit of multiple personalities... I can keep myself company!) Too bad O'Reilly's has a company policy of no firearms on their premises!

Despite this being oil day, I found myself unable to stop 'neatening' several areas as I came to them... little sections of disarray that really bugged me. I haven't been given the go ahead to re-sequence the rotors since their numbers changed... so only a few very small areas were neatened today. I was home well before 9:00 am.

Much to my annoyance, I had barely gotten online when our phone and internet went down for several hours. Instead of goofing off here, I got quite a bit of laundry done, and a two hour nap in! I was in bed before 8:00 pm last night, especially to get up early and look for meteorites. I was up a good half hour before usual, and went out to watch the sky.

It was so warm and humid... like dog breath. I made my cup of tea and sat out on the porch steps. I hadn't much more than sat down, when FIVE small meteorites scratched the sky at the same time... very small and quickly gone. Soon, two really long lasting ones raced one another for several seconds. In the 20 or so minutes I was out there, I saw around 20 "falling stars". It was awesome. I love to sit and watch the stars. It is like floating in water... like I just become part of the night sky. I had turned off the alarm when I got up, as Tom had had a restless night and was finally sleeping well. I woke him as I had to leave for work.

I hope you have a great evening. I'm sure there will still be a few lingering meteorites out tonight if you haven't been out looking for them yet!

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