Wednesday, August 4, 2010

another fine day

I was home early today! Boss is trimming hours, so i had to leave as soon as I could get my regular stuff done. Once home, I did 2.1 miles on the treadmill and got fed and showered, and we were on our way to the library about 10:00 am.

Last night's supper was MMM MMM good. I was glad there was a little piece of chicken left, because that is what I had for breakfast. (If it is still breakfast after working all morning.) I had made this recipe in the oven before, but not the slow cooker. The slow cooker version was the best. EVER. If I need to run it by you again: Pour some Italian dressing over bonless/ skinless chicken, cover and cook. Served it with rice, green beans, cottage cheese and pineapple. (Your side dishes may vary.)

Oh, we had an "incident" at work Monday. Our driver, an older guy, had made a delivery to a shop. He was walking in to make his delivery, when he felt himself being pushed hard from behind.
The company truck was running him over!
He was knocked down and dragged a short ways as the truck backed over him... and saved from serious injury when the truck hit a solid object that stopped it. He was scraped and bruised, but otherwise OK. The truck was taken to a mechanic to check to see if it had a transmission problem that would of caused it to put itself into gear... but none was found. It's probable cause appears to be simple operator error. I am thankful our driver is OK! it is the first reportable injury for our store- ever.

We are supposed to get some rain tomorrow. It is also supposed to be a good 10 degrees cooler tomorrow, and for the rest of the week. I hope we do get the rain, we sure need it. Today's forecasted high was 102* Maybe this will end the hottest of the summer weather.

Have a blessed day!

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