Monday, August 9, 2010

So Growing up

Today, Dan and Sam both worked for a neighbor, Anthony. Last year, Ben was his main helper. Today... the younger boys. Anthony does say, "BEN! You didn't have MY permission to move!"

The twins cleaned up the Koi pond, as well as piled leaves for burning.

Do I dare suggest we might try for Six Flags later this summer? I think it would be a blast. Don't know if it will happen yet or not. And how lame is your MOM going someplace like that with you?

Especially at 14.

Not much happened this weekend.
Tomorrow is the new work week.

I am sure hoping Becky will post about Ty's funnies the last few days. In case she doesn't:

We were talking on the phone this morning about writing my son / her brother Chris:

(Becky) "Ty is "writing" Chris. I remember "writing" letters at his age. I would scribble circles and squiggles and think I was writing cursive. Since I couldn't read cursive, I didn't know what it said!" (I laughed)
"Tyrel is writing from right to left, instead of left to right.... maybe he is writing Hebrew."

(Tyrel) "I not writing Hebrew! I writing CHRIS!"

I love my babies. And grandbabies.

Well tomorrow is another day back at work. Thankfully, it isn't difficult work, even if it is sometimes physically demanding. I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend! be blessed!


Anonymous said...

To cute about Ty. I reminds me of Keegan. Dylan was yelling at him for something he did, and he kept saying Camlin did it. Dylan said "No, your lying." Keegan looks at him and says "I not a lion, this is a lion", and holds up his plastic toy. Jennifer

Mom said...

Well Six Flags is fun, and most of the other 14yr olds would also have MOM with them.....everyone gets in for kids price right now....never mind that kids price is about forty dollars more than I rmember it being...but there is a nice 'bed an breakfast' near there ( good food, but the beds are lacking somewhat)

Becky said...

I wanna join ya if ya'll go!