Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wow! Fruity!

Daniel and Sam and I went to Siloam Springs this afternoon.

I needed to go get some groceries, and a book of stamps. Tom said that last week, the fruit prices were lower by half at the WalMart there than at either the Jane, MO., WM or the Bentonville WM. Since there are even more post offices than there are WalMarts around here, and I had an entire stack of Connor's clothes to return- we went to Siloam.

They had blueberries for .86 a pint, as well as strawberries for .86 a carton. (Not sure just what size they consider a strawberry carton). So I got several of each. Peaches, plums, and nectarines were .50 a lb.

Once we got home, Dear sweet Daniel washed all the berries and laid them on trays to freeze before we bag them.

I put the last roast from the quarter of Dad's cow we bought earlier this year into the slow cooker this morning. Before we left, I added onions, carrots and potatoes in with the roast. Sam scraped the carrots, and washed the potatoes. He actually washed ALL the potatoes, since he found a rotten one in the bag. Then he cleaned up the mess from the bad tater, including mopping the floor where it had leaked.

I can tell who bought the taters! Had it been me.... I don't just grab the handiest bag and toss it in the cart. I look them over, and then give the bag a sniff test. These potatoes have only been here a week... so to be that bad, it had to have been bad when it was bought.

I got stuff to make some brats... in a manner we have only had them once, that I can recall. I do plan to grill them, but serve them up with a batch of onions and green peppers cooked together. (I may even grill those in a foil packet.) We will probably do that tomorrow.

Connor and Alana weren't home when we stopped his clothes by, but their friend next door took them for me. He had left so many clothes behind, I wonder what the boy has worn for the past week! Oh wait... being a boy- he probably wore what he had on. Unless someone notices the smell and forces a boy to bathe AND change clothes, boys tend to just keep on in whatever they are wearing. (Yes, I have had boys who would shower, then put back on the same stinky clothes!) Anyway, I missed getting to see the grandkids today.

Oh, have I mentioned... the scales finally budged! I am down below 160! (I have dropped down before, but came right back up. I have been this size for about five years, and it is hard to get down from a static weight!) Also, Today I crossed the 50 mile mark on my treadmilling. That is the equivalent of walking from my house to I-44 in Joplin, MO. Keeping track of the mileage and setting the 150 mile by Oct. 20th goal is what has kept me going on this. Treadmill walking is BORING!!!!!

That's all the not-so- news from here. Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

Hi, wow that was a good price on the fruits...and on putting on the trays to freeze....I did that on blueberries but never gave it a thought on strawberries....of course they don't usually last long enough to freeze around ykw. I am the only one that will eat the blueberries. Ben was saying when he was here that they were having their fruits really cheap lately. The people that built the new house up the street have a sign out for a moving sale...we saw that they had it up for sale already...I looked it up online and they were asking only 350 K..maybe we should have ran and got it haha. I will be walking down to see what I can't live without...probably not anything I can afford (or have room for) You are doing good on your treadmilling...wish I had enough oomph to do something....evrn cleaning house would burn some calories but don't wanta!Wish you were coming back this weekend !! Hugs, Mom

Anonymous said...

The prices were so low because an ALDI store opened across the street from Walmart earlier this week. You only see that stuff when there is strong competition in a town. Otherwise, Walmart will just charge whatever they can get away with...

truth said...

Those are amazing fruit prices, wow! And way-to-go on the weight, that is awesome! Boring or not, keep up the good work.