Monday, August 16, 2010

Another weekend goes by...

We really didn't do anything, not even housecleaning this weekend. I napped... a lot. It seems to be getting on into ragweed season, and sinus headaches have begun.

Mr C went in this morning and got the cars assessed and tagged in Siloam Springs. In the spirit of helping out with the cars, I took the Toyota in to have a recall issue taken care of. (We have been postponing this for over a year... bad us!) Now our windows have new bolts in them, and the dealership even washed the car. Wow.

While the boys and I were out on the mission east (Bentonville/ Rogers area), I figured we could kill several birds with this one stone. So we are at the library for the boys volunteer service. We have been to TWO bookstores and the bank.

Gosh, I drool at bookstores, and had NO money to spend. The boys were looking for a copy of the Redwall Cookbook. Neither bookstore had it, and we had already priced it on Amazon... so they put the money into my "online" account, and I ordered the book for them once we reached the library. The car dealership happened to have been between two bookstores, so we stopped in those... one before and one after having the car repaired.

I had planned to make soup from the leftover roast beef from yesterday, but with the time pressing on like it is, I will either have to do it on the stove top instead of the crock pot, or else decide on something entirely different for supper. I can always do the soup in the crock pot tomorrow.

The summer is barrelling away. It is past mid-August. I need to get on with making school plans and getting the new school year organized. Since Mr C has five weeks of vacation to kill between now and the end of the year, I have to plan school around those. Perhaps we can incorporate a visit to some of the museums in Ohio and even St. Louis as part of our curriculum this year. I know the twins (as well as ME!) want to go to the Circleville Pumpkin Festival. It starts ON my Birthday! Mr C said, "Oh we need to take little Kimber -Punkin to that!" Then he said, "But I guess she needs to be home with her daddy for her very first birthday."

On my walking, I am over 70 miles now! I should hit the halfway mark (150 miles by Oct 20th) in the next couple of days. And I am actually seeing some downward momentum on the scale... down to 155 lbs. consistently.

That's about all from here. Have a blessed day!

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