Thursday, September 9, 2010

And the week trudges onward...

Really, the week has gone by pretty fast. Today was our third day of school.... and had a couple of smiles in it. We were reviewing antonyms. The boys had to supply a word meaning the opposite of the given word. Sam must have misread "farther" ... because his answer was "mother".

While Mr C was home for lunch, we looked at "conservative bumper stickers" . We laughed aloud at several of these.

I talked to my boss, and he has agreed to let me be off on Saturdays, working only Tues-Fridays, starting in a few more weeks. I am usually finished in less than 2 hours on Saturdays... so really it just isn't worth the $15. +/- (total) I was getting paid. I will be training one of my new co-workers on shipping and receiving, so they can take over on Saturdays. (Saturdays tend to be fairly slow and this won't be much extra burden to them.)

We have finally gotten some rain! I am guessing in the neighborhood of 3.5 to 4" since last night. Nothing like the 10" Mom got yesterday at her house near Ft. Worth! But I am thankful for what we have received.

It is just a few more days until my brother's/ grandson's birthday. They were born Sept. 11th. Gavin will be 4 years old! I haven't seen him since late March of 2009. He wasn't even 3 then. Robbie will be 47, I believe.

I am fixing to have to run to the store for milk and bread. I would probably just put this off and get them after work tomorrow, except that I have already thawed chicken for supper, and promised the boys I would fry it. What is fried chicken without gravy? So, I suppose I better get with the program and get that done.

Have a blessed day!

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