Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another day in the Neighborhood

There just isn't anything going on here... which is really OK with me. The twins are doing their schoolwork without too much goading. Shipping at O'Reilly's is about the same old same old! (Though tomorrow I will train one of the new kids on how to do shipping and receiving... then HE will train the other new kid, so that everyone in the store will be able to do this job. In a few weeks, I will be working just Tuesday- Friday. Since I am normally done on Saturdays in under 2 hours, it just doesn't make sense for me to drive in for under $16.00 pre- tax!)

The boys have been taking themselves out bunny and squirrel hunting. They have been using their pellet guns. So far, no animals have been harmed in their efforts.

At the request of Mr C, we will be having pork ribs and sauerkraut  for supper tonight. We are fixing to get that on baking in a slow oven.

The weather has been cool and rainy. Hooray for both.

I am thinking that as soon as I get these ribs into the oven, I will have a nice, rainy afternoon nap.

Have a blessed afternoon.


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