Friday, September 3, 2010


And the weather feels like it!

It was a bit chilly as I was leaving for work this morning- in the low 60's. I came home to find the house closed up, battened down like the boys were expecting 101*. (They cover the windows so that it stays dark inside, keeping the house more insulated and cool. I mentioned it ought to be opened up, since it was going to be a beautiful day, with a high of just 83*

They laughed a bit sheepishly. It was closed up, not because they were trying to keep it cool, but because when they got up, they were COLD. Tonight it is supposed to get down into the mid 40*'s.

My energy level has really flagged this week. Not a bit of giddy-up. I would have been in bed by 6:30 last night, had not it been the opening kick-off of Buckeye Football. I made it to just past half-time before I couldn't hold my eyes open another minute. I was asleep by 8:30pm. (It doesn't help that I find football about as entertaining as watching paint dry.)

Work has been... about the same. Though today I left polite "nasty-grams" on the message board. I have offered to teach the aggravating jerks that just randomly cram stock anyplace unspecified coworkers that mislay items, how to a) read the shelf labels and b) how to use the computer to know EXACTLY where to put an item if they aren't sure. I asked the boss, since he hadn't mentioned it, if I was going to be working Labor Day. It is my normal day off, but for the last 2 years, I have worked because my co-workers get it off, with pay. The Boss was surprised I had asked, but said he would be pleased if I would work until 10 am, as he had been going to try to man the store alone until then. (Yay! Time and a Half!) And I will be off Tuesday, as the warehouse will be off on Monday... so I won't lose hours this week. Wednesday... now THAT will be a busy day, I'm sure. I will have the backlog of freight ordered since Saturday!

Our plans for the weekend: Cleaning house. That's about all. Maybe the guys will need to mow, as we did (finally!) get some rain last night. Same-O, Same-O! The thought of going to visit family in Texas crossed my mind briefly... but being Labor Day weekend, I figured that flying out would be pretty much impossible. So I may as well work!

I just HAVE to pass on my grandson Tyrel's funny from yesterday. (Which Becky will probably also have on her blog... whenever she gets around to it!) He and Kimber Ann (who is now 10 and a half months old!) were playing. Tyrel had a book he was trying to read, and Kimber wanted the book. A tug of war ensued. After regaining control of the book, with Kimber still trying hard for it, Ty tells her, "Stop it........... Oaf!"

Becky said it was hard not to laugh as she told Ty he mustn't call his sister an oaf. (This line is from Bugs Bunny's RabbitHood episode.

Have a blessed day!

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