Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Made it...

I made it through EmmaEmma. I can scratch that classic off my list. I was less than impressed. Perhaps it is the run on, and on, and on, and on and on, sentences, with, commas in the most, unlikely places. maybe it is just so far out of timeliness it didn't catch my interest.

Becky had said I ought to make a list of things I might like for my birthday.

I say, MY MOMMY has a birthday before mine and I need suggestions on what to do for HER birthday! Hers is more than 2 weeks before mine! I have made her a photo book in the past. I really don't have any new, good pictures to do another right now, since our family photographer has moved away. Mom doesn't need any more elephants, nor teapots. So... what does Mom (Grandma!) want for her birthday!

OK. for me, I could use a pair or two of "fat pants" (lounge pants/ pajama bottoms). I would like a sweater... something other than my sweatshirt hoody! (These are at Lakeside)

As much as I love to read... a shopping-free gift would be a gift certificate to Amazon, or Borders Book Store.

I really can't think of too much I am in "need" of.

A family portrait would be nice. And/or a picture of Mom, me, Becky as a "generations" picture. Maybe one of as many of Mom and her grands and great grands as we could get together!

OK, Mom... now help me and your grandkids out and come up with some birthday present suggestions for you!

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mom said...

Well I know this is NOT any help, but I cannot think of anything that I need or want.... I have too much as it is and need to GROJ( or stuff) instead of adding more to it........and you know what I am saying is true...pictures are always welcome of course....but my best present will be for as many of you as can...to come to the reunion and let the visit be my gift...please tho, do not spend your hard earned money on tea sets, elephants, etc. love you