Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One thing about cooler weather

One thing about the cooler weather setting in, is that our house is being invaded. We live out in the country. It is an older house, and you can see daylight around many of the doors... including the front and back door. There are entrance holes for phone cables, and TV cables. There are little dry rot spots here and there... and every one of these places is big enough for a mouse to squeeze in. We have had traps out, but hadn't caught anything for awhile. Just a few days go, we noticed "evidence" of mice, and set more traps.

Last night, though, the invasion and trap setting took a serious turn. I was awakened suddenly in the wee hours by something dropping onto my face, and scrambling. *shudder*

I slapped the scurrying critter off myself even as I shrieked. Shrieking in the wee hours tends to waken ones fellow sleepers. Mr C turned on the light, dutifully shook covers, searched the bedsides, muttering only a little about me "dreaming" this. I know I didn't dream it!

Not long after we had moved into this house, I did have a mouse materialize out of thin air. It literally appeared IN THE AIR just inside my peripheral vision. It landed with a plop on my computer desk and skittered away. Now, I know it is hard to believe that a mouse can just appear in the air beside you. I'd have trouble believing it, had I not seen it.
Further investigating the mysterious appearance of a mouse from the sky, we realized the heater had just kicked on. Apparently, the mouse had been in the vents above. I suspect that is the origin of last nights mouse as well.

Well, the war is on. Additional traps have been set. I am just fixing to take my room apart and make sure there isn't some little place the rodents can gain entrance in there.

Time to get busy here! Have a blessed day!

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