Friday, September 17, 2010

Septembery Bookish

Today, not only have I already been to work, but I have also done my walking AND had a nap. The nap was really a hard sleep, too. I am now having a cup of afternoon tea, hoping it will wake me up!

The twins are listening to an audio book, Redwall.
. The author actually is one of the full cast of characters reading. They began reading the Redwall series about a year ago, and a few months ago discovered the audio books. Listening to the books has not slowed their enthusiasm for actually reading.

Here we are in our second week of school... and already I have been failing to record our daily lessons. How well I knew myself, when I said I may as well NOT invest in a fancy lesson planning book. I get the boys started, show them what I expect, and then we just keep going. When they have questions, or if I see something I believe may need further explanation or pronunciation, we have a few minutes of talk. Otherwise, once they are set on their learning course, they are pretty self motivated. I do make sure they ARE doing the work, or have an oral pop-quiz to be sure they are getting the  material. They seem to be doing quite well without me hanging over their shoulders all day long. This is pretty much opposite of how Mr C believes we should be doing things. Half an hour of having him 'instruct' leaves the boys close to tears and usually too upset to learn much at all.

Their math is on computer CD's. It has a real teacher that goes over the lesson as many times as they need to "get it". I am so glad we found this course, back when Ben and Tommy were needing an Algebra course. We bought the whole series, from Pre-Algebra to Geometry. (It is called "ClassMates").  Having already had three kids go through High School at home, we are pretty well set up with curriculum. Becky, Benjamin, and Tommy all "proved" up on their education by passing their GED's with flying colors. (Becky took her GED in Texas, while Ben and Tommy took theirs in Arkansas.)

I have continued doing "improvements" at work. Today I got a good start of moving the Wix  Air filters off the tops of the shelving units, to the next shelf down. On top of the units, they were actually in violation of the fire codes, by being closer than 18"  below the sprinkler heads. To move them "down a shelf" required several *days effort just to empty the shelves below. (*days= 15-30 minutes per day in addition to my regular tasks.)
The actual start of the moving today had me up and down the step ladder dozens of times. First, I had to remove the actual NEXT shelf down, as the air filter boxes, for the most part are taller than the shelves were spaced. Then I had to move the ladder to the beginning of the filters on top of the shelves, and carry them down the ladder and over several units to where we had room to start the filters. Up the ladder, grab boxes, down the ladder, put on the new shelf... repeat until shelf is full. Then start over with removing/ adjusting the next shelving units spacing. I got about half way finished in the actual moving today. A benefit of having the filters lower... they can now be reached by all of us, without climbing! (Climbing on the shelving units is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Probably the most often broken rule at the store). I will probably finish up tomorrow, as Saturdays tend to be easy days, stock wise.

The weather has gone right back to being warm here. It is in the low 90*'s much of the week. Nights have been pleasant enough to have the windows open. A few mornings have sent me in search of my sweater!

I have been trying to read some classic novels. I started Jane Austen's "Emma" today. (No wonder I needed a nap!)
I read "Pride and Prejudice" a couple of weeks ago. I have found I cannot read these books while on the treadmill, as I can many other books. I have been reading a lot of Zane Grey and Louis L'Amour. (Both classic for their genre!)

Thankfully for Jane Austen, I saw Pride and Prejudice with Becky, on video. Otherwise I'm not sure I could of followed the plot. Since I am to the bottom of my library bag with Emma, and won't head to the library until Monday, I am sure I will muddle through! (I have a strange quirk: Once I start reading a book, I read it to the end. I am always sure it has to get better. Only twice have I failed to read to the end.. Once in high school reading a book called "Arrowsmith" by Sinclair Lewis, and another book a year or two ago. The second book I cannot give particulars on now. After a couple of chapters, I was so infuriated by the authors undisguised and contrary political biases, I just closed it and sent it back to the library.)

Well, in writing here and playing with the Amazon search box... I have let time slip up on me. Since I am planning to make spaghetti for supper, I had best get it started. (It is sure hard to cook for four! I won't have any idea how much sauce to make. What looks like not enough is invariably too much!

I sure miss having my kids at home!

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