Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School

Today marks our first official day of back to school for this year.


and Sam are in ninth grade.

You can't hear the classical music they have playing. Well, not all is classical... they intersperse the classical music with "video" game music. Still, it is mostly quiet and soothing.

I have been working on drinking a second cup of tea for the last two hours. I made the tea. While it steeped, I got on the treadmill. By the time I got off, it was cold. So I "nuked" it. I set it for 1.5 minutes. That was too long. It came out boiling. So while it cooled, I took my shower. I made school assignments. I surfed the web. I forgot the tea. When I saw it sitting there on the kitchen counter, it was once again cold. This time I "nuked" it a mere 30 seconds. Just about right.

Our first few school days are repeating and reviewing old material. To squelch the many protests of having to repeat the "stuff we have already done!", I reminded them that it should be easy for them, if they truly learned it the first time. If they didn't learn it, then the review is necessary to see what needs to be gone over again. They have been more enthusiastic than I expected on the "Eight Parts of Speech" nouns worksheet.

My older kids, who have many times pointed out that I have been much easier on the twins than I was on them, would be tickled to see me this morning. Sam came to me with a word on his worksheet. He didn't know what the word meant. I looked at him sweetly and asked him how would he be able to learn what that word meant? With a heavy sigh... he says, "Dictionary."
Yep. Took him less than a minute to look it up.

I was off work today, since yesterday was a holiday for the shipping warehouse. Tomorrow, back to work, with a holiday load of freight coming in. Yikes. Hope you all have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading.

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