Saturday, September 25, 2010

Grace Strikes Again

Or is that Grace(less) is STRUCK again?

To go back to the beginning of the morning....
You know how your Mommy always tells you to wear clean undies so you (or she!) won't be embarrassed if you get in an accident ? Well, this morning it wasn't undies I had trouble with, it was socks. I looked and looked for a matching pair. With time running out, I finally settled for mismatched socks. After all, who will see them inside of my shoes anyway?

Mr C asked if I thought today would be a short day. Saturdays usually are.

I walked in to face TWO pallets. Most Saturdays, there is about 1/3 to 1/2 a single pallet of stuff. So I already knew I was there for a fairly long haul.
At about 8:45, I was on my LAST two items that I had to actually physically handle today. They happened to be wheel hub assemblies.
These were "small" as hub assemblies go. Each weighed about 8 lbs., where some of the larger ones are well over 20 lbs. I had put one into the returns tote, and just as I let go of it, the box from the second assembly came unglued.

The hub assembly was acted upon at once by gravity.

It landed on the "start" of my foot. Just where the tongue of the shoe offered a bit more padding. I'm afraid I said the word my mommy always told me not to say... the one that ends the " Poo Poo, Doo Doo, CaCa.... my Mommy always told me not to say ____"! phrase. (Sorry Mommy, I said it)
I called the boss to come back there. He was laughing as he came back, saying, "I know I'm in trouble when she says Mr. Mc_______!" He quit laughing the minute he saw I was hurt. I already had my shoe off,  and the sock. There was a bit of skin scraped off, clean through the clothes!

My foot was already starting to swell where it was hit. Boss got me some ice. (He used freezer frost, LOL)

The ice helped.

I kept my foot up on a chair, with ice off and on (On as long as I could stand it at a time) for the next 45 minutes. The swelling went down. I could stand on it, move it freely without undue pain. So nothing is broken. But I will have a nice bruise, I'm sure. I used the chair (rolling office chair) to glide over to the computer and finish up my paperwork. Got my shoe and sock back on, and gave the foot the official "stand on it and walk" test. Then I drove on home. (It is my left foot.)

I am still hobbling just a bit... but hey, it is a deep bruise!

I have kept of it since then, except necessary trips. I had a nap. After my nap, I was getting a drink in the kitchen, and asked who had left water boiling in my whistling kettle, which was boiling away, but NOT whistling. (Should of been my first clue!) It was Mr C. He was watching football and asked if I minded pouring him out a spot o' tea. So I poured. The tight fitting lid of the kettle fell off as I poured... "someone" had not pushed it on tightly! I got a mean owie owie owie steam burn on my hand.

Maybe I ought to just go on back to bed.

Really folks, I am FINE. Just a bit battered and steamed!

Dad always said he didn't name me Grace.... for a good reason!

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