Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I realized I haven't mentioned that I am very much better since my last post. I am back to walking, trying to make up for missing several days. The steam blisters on the cuticle of my thumb have mostly cleared up.

My "baby" brother Roger has a birthday in a couple of days. Mom's is the 4th, and Benjamin's is the 7th. The reunion is this weekend! Whoot! I am sure looking forward to seeing everyone. The twins and I have been packing camping gear, and loading the "not to be forgotten" items in the trunk of my car.

At least we WERE loading them into the trunk of my car. We haven't removed anything ... yet. But Mr C says the tires on my car are not as safe as the tires on his car. And he put brand new brakes on his car yesterday. So I will be taking his car to the reunion. I like my car better... but that is pretty irrelevant. I would rather NOT get a flat along the way than complain about which car I have to take!

We haven't switched any "stuff" over to Mr C's car yet, as he is still driving it to work every day. We haven't brought it back inside, as it is not in the way in my car trunk. When the time comes, we do a simple trunk swap over.

As I mentioned, Ben's birthday is coming up in just over a week. He is sure someone "easy" to find a gift for. I went to www.thinkgeek.com and found several great gifts in just a matter of moments. I just can't afford any of them this week. The Jedi robe would be perfectly awesome! And some of the T shirts... so very Ben.

Guess I will have to put Ben in line for his birthday present... we still haven't gotten the twins their presents. Yep, the wallet strings have been tightened since early June. The pennies pinched til they screamed. The bill's tossed into the air and those landing face up were chosen... or something like that. But things should start looking up in the next few months. I hope.

Tonight is Granddaughter Alana's first soccer game. I told Mr C I was planning to go to it. I know I can't go to all of them, but I sure ought to be able to manage a few.Which reminds me, I better charge my camera!

Tomorrow should be a fairly light day at work. But Thursday... Thursday. That is oil day.. and this Thursday is not only oil day... it is "Customer Appreciation Day!!!!" This means two things to me... one, I have to have freight done before 9:00 am, including the oil. The oil must also be put away. 9:00 am is when the caterers arrive. They will be setting up right in my freight area... which will need swept and mopped before set up can start. Secondly, I get to "stay late" and mingle... on the clock. Oh boy!  (Or maybe this was just a ruse to get me to stay so I can do the shipping once the shindig is over.... hmmmm?)

Then, Friday, that tends to be a "big" freight day... and I will have double shipping to do. Once I am finished, the boys and I will load up and head for Broken Bow. It is about a four and a half hour drive, almost straight down the eastern end of Oklahoma. I go through the beautiful Ouachita Mountains (Wah shi tah). We will be camping at a State Park on Beaver Bend Lake, a couple of miles from the reunion site. The weather promises to be in the low 80*s,  sunny and clear. the nights will be cool, but not cold. Perfect for camping! I'm sure looking forward to it!

May you have a very blessed day. Thanks for reading! (Remember if you need to order from Amazon, I'd sure appreciate it if you would get there from the side bar here on PB4UGO!)

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