Monday, November 1, 2010

Re-Start routine, Take 1

Mr C goes back to work tomorrow. He has spent the past week bored from his gourd, hanging around the house. The boys tried to do their school work, closed in their bedrooms. Being such PERFECT fall weather, they spent a lot of time outside.

Tomorrow, things go back to 'normal' for a week and a half. Then Vacation, Part #2 commences. It doesn't look like Ohio is in the plans for Part 2. Not that he wouldn't like to go, just a matter of affording to go.

So I am planning on Thanksgiving here. Or WAS planning it here. IF Mr C does go to Ohio, the new plan is to shift the meal location to my dad's house. More room, for one thing. About the same, or LESS driving for the incoming family. If Mr C stays home, then we will all cozy up and have turkey here. (Guess I better clear with Jennifer, taking Connor and Alana to Texas IF we do shift locations! Going down Wednesday and returning Friday.)

I still have to clear time off with my boss. He has already said yes, I can take time that week... but I don't know for sure if I need it or not. If Tom stays in Arkansas, then I will be working Thursday morning. (Not a big deal, even though it is oil day. I will either plan for a later afternoon meal due to kids that can't get here Wednesday, or start the turkey before I head off to work at 5:30am. Despite checking in the oil, Thursdays tend to be "short" days for me... relatively little freight that I have to deal with. I have Friday off already, since the warehouse is off on Thursday.

While cleaning the house and watering plants yesterday, I discovered my Cyclamen is about to bloom. This was a poor, dying little plant I snagged on clearance at WalMart about a year, year and a half ago. Cyclamen are not known for re-blooming, even if you manage to save the plant. They have very pretty heart shaped leaves, and the flowers are like small birds soaring above the foliage. (The above picture is NOT my plant...  the pictures I tried to take revealed the cracked pot, the dirty water catcher bowl beneath, scraggly leaves, and torn window screen behind    came out a bit too... natural.)  My little plant is loading up on new leaves as well as flowers. Oh, and my rose bushes... the deeply discounted ones I bought late this past spring... they are GORGEOUS!  Up until the hard freeze we had a few nights ago, they were covered in plush roses and long stemmed rosebuds. I love discount plants!

Well, that is about all for now. Mr C has gone out to the storage unit to have a look at our stored junk   "treasures".   May you have a wonderful day.
PS, I took the blog header photo while in Ohio. This little lake is what my brother-in-law Bob has for a front yard.

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