Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Really, the snow is just beginning, but we already have a good inch and a half of sleet on the ground. So far, very little freezing rain... there was just enough to make the sleet stick really well to the roads. Need I say that I did NOT go in to work?

My job is receiving the morning freight, shipping out the overstock, warranty returns, and cores. It usually takes me between two and four hours to do this. There is little or nothing to DO at work when it is nasty  outside. Those who can make it in and MUST be there can easily do my job... saving the cost of paying me, and saving me forty minutes or more of driving on bad roads. (Normally it takes me less than 10 minutes to get to work, and the same returning home. I'm allowing it would take me twice as long... if I could get UP the hills at all.)

The revised forecast has us snowing and /or sleeting ALL day... and up to 15" of accumulation guessed predicted. The wind is roaring, and quite a wind chill going on. It is just 9:30 here now, and supposed to keep this up all day. The direction the storm is moving keeps us right in the heart of it as it moves its length along. (We are right where the warm front of moist air from the Gulf hits the Arctic air front. The "collision" is then moving cat a corner to the ENE from here.)

We have the generator, gasoline, groceries, lots of water stored.... and I am NOT going out. Mr C went to work. I can just sit back and watch the weather happen!

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