Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Speechless, day.... 3?

Another day with little or no voice. Harsh coughing (til my eyes bulge and I'm sure they are gonna pop right out of my head) eventually brings up some nasty green that is apparently welded to my vocal chords. I went to work today. When the boss arrived and I couldn't get out "good morning" loud enough to be heard... he sent me home with instructions not to breathe on any of my fellow employees, nor the merchandise.... on my way out.
Today marks two years since I have seen my second eldest grandson. Sometimes, things really stink. Maybe I will at least get some fresh pictures of him soon.
In other news, my dad is undergoing surgery Thursday Morning (tomorrow!) to re-attach his retina. This will be followed by a week long stint of laying about on his tummy. Dad and I are just not tummy people. I feel for him!  Please add your prayers for his full recovery.
Lemon pepper chicken in the slow cooker for supper. I need to think of a veggie as a side dish. (Already having rice with it.) Aha! The salad no-one touched with last night's pizza should do nicely... plus, it is already ready!
Hoping to feel better SOON!
Thanks for reading!

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