Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beautiful Day

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. On the way back from buying groceries, I had Tom drop me off so that I could walk the rest of the way home. I got my 2  miles in, in the breezy sunshine. It is supposed to get up to 80* today, but so far, it is perfectly wonderful in me mid 70's. The chinaberry tree is full of blooms and bees. I have seen quite a few amazing trees in bloom around here... they look like they are full of purple tulips! The forsythia are in bloom. Two things I want to plant "when I get my house" are forsythia and peonies.

I pulled up grass and weeds around my rose bushes... and mistakenly also pulled up a clump of the mint we planted last year. I replanted THAT. I am keeping my eyes open for some flower seeds to plant in my containers. Mr C is out tilling the garden plot, and the boys are futiley removing rocks as he tills. I think the ground here is nothing BUT rocks.

I have taters and eggs on to boil for home made Potato Salad. Mr C is going to cook some wings up for supper tonight. He has made sure all the things he needs are on hand as well. It is just a wonderful day... the first official day of Spring. I am betting that we haven't quite seen the last of winter here though.

Have a blessed day, thanks for reading!

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