Monday, March 28, 2011


This afternoon, Tom asked if I wanted to go to Lowes with him. We went to get some garden fertilizer, bean seed, and bug killer for the lawn weedy area that surrounds our house instead of grass.

I am not feeling well... perhaps bronchitis? So while he trudged around out on the patio in the 43* weather, I went in and "tested" the lawn furniture. As he came back in, wondering what else he was forgetting, he was admiring the riding lawn mowers. I pointed out that one was on clearance for about half of what we gave for our old riding mower, some dozen years ago. New tires, belt, and a filter for our new mower... all desperatly needed, would be about 2/3 of the cost of this bright, shiny new Troy Bilt. After thinking it over, Mr C decided we needed the mower! The helpful sales lady set us up with a 6 month interest free card... even though we should have this paid off in well under the 6 months.
Troy-Bilt 20-HP Automatic 42" Riding Mower 13AX78KS011
We got the very last one, at this Lowes. Mr C and Dan are on their way to get it with the van.

I decided to just stay home and feel blech. Sam needs to get his art project to the library, but I am hoping to feel better and do it tomorrow.
I bet the boys will be having a great time having mower races this summer!

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