Thursday, March 10, 2011

Whoo Hoot! * Edited to include Dan's riddle)

The boys new curriculum (Alpha Omega) just arrived.

Trying to get it installed and the assignments figured out was challenging, but I think we are good to go now.
Except we have to come up with a good deal of Science equipment. Microscope,

specialized papers, astrolabe.. At least we don't need to order disecting stuff this year.

Sam had been working on the math from his old curriculum as I was walking on the treadmill. He approached and says (in essence, since he is a stickler for exact quotes!) "I really dislike when math is referred to as "magic"! There isn't anything magical about it! With math, you always know what you are getting. It is like an element! Unchanging.
Now the Language Arts, on the other hand... you can say THAT is magic."

I love the way the boys reason. Especially Sam.

Daniel came up with an excellent and complicated riddle for one of his older brothers. I am impressed with it.
I will try to post it once he is done tweaking it.
Here is Dan's riddle:
He who sows of me, reaps of me.

and though I will be used to knight, I can be used in the day.

 If you do not have me, sell your garment to get me.

They shall flee as if fleeing from me.

Both long and great I can be,

but make me small and my name will change.

What am I?

Have a blessed day, Thanks for reading.