Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oil Day... In a major way.

This was today's freight... FIVE pallets worth. I would probably STILL be there, except Jeff saw my plight and helped me get things scanned in. We would take turns, scanning and unloading, scanning and unloading.

When I walked in the door, I was so astonished at the amount of freight- I didn't even realize I failed to turn off the alarm. I clocked in, walked to the back room and turned on the lights. I came out, printed reports, and got set up to start checking the freight in... some 10+ minutes of work... when suddenly an alarm starts sounding. I am thinking, "What the heck?!!" and realized I had set off the motion detector. DUH!
(I guess I had stayed pretty much in the "safe zone" up until then.)
The five gallon buckets were covered in spilled oils. By the time I was done, I was filthy nasty oily. It may even be in my hair, as I neglected to pony tail it this morning.

Sometimes my mind works in odd directions. I had trouble falling asleep last night, because I was trying to get my mind around how one would diagram a complicated part of  my cousin's family tree. I finally decided (so that I could get to sleep) that the best diagram for this family member's part of the tree would be a simple TRUNK without branches. The cousin married a young lady, divorced her, and married her mother. He has children by both women. So my cousin's son has two half sisters... who are mother and daughter to one another. The son's mother is one sister's mother and the other sister's grandmother. His daughter has one brother, who is half-brother to her mother. (Maybe a Venn Diagram would be better than a family tree in his case.) If I were the son and someone came to a party with all the relatives there (Which, by the way, would never happen) and inquired how I were related to these people... I think I would just say, "It's complicated. You don't want to know."
Hair became a topic at work today. I said mine was now "platinum". The Boss says, "Not here it isn't. this is an automobile industry. Here, your hair color is "Chrome"!

Well, I hope you have a very blessed day. Thanks for reading!

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Mom said...

Funny (not the funny funny, the other funny)...that you posted about the cousin on today's blog..I didn't talk to you yesterday, but was called about a wedding cake....the daughter is marrying...just made the son's cake a few months back!