Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shoe Shoppin'

I would just as soon have a root canal as to shop for shoes. I dislike shopping for shoes for myself, not too keen on finding shoes for boys... and AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHH! on shoe shopping with girls. I used to make Tom take Becky shoe shopping when she needed shoes.
So I must really love my dear sweet grand daughter Alana. Alana will be 8 years old on Saturday. She wanted shoes for her birthday. While a parent can say my kid wears THIS size pants and THIS size shirt, shoes are more difficult to fit. Yesterday afternoon I picked Alana up after school, and we went shoe shopping, just the two of us.
Since I had a list of what kinds of shoes she was interested in, and got to take a peek at a pair of shoes that were already purchased and put away awaiting her party, I thought it might be an easy trip.

The first pair she gravitated to was nearly identical to the ones that had already been purchased... but I couldn't TELL her that. I am not too great at coming up with plausible reasons for an action when put on the spot... so I told her that she couldn't get this pair of white sandals because white shoes get dirty too easily. Pretty lame, huh? So she next chose these...
Sparkley silver sandals with one inch lucite heels

Grandma said NO!
We eventually came to terms with practicality, and sales. She got knee boots and clogs for half price, and then these charming Sketchers platform sandals with rhinestones.

Alana is a happy shoe diva now!

How about these?

So, the birthday shopping is done, until July. Make that June, with Dan and Sam's birthday. I hope they don't want shoes.


Mom said...

What!!! no presents for Bill Joe or Tommy this year?????

Jennifer said...

I love the sad picture. Mean mean cowgranny. See thats what I endure every shopping trip. Either toys or clothes or candy bars. They think I have money growing out my ears.